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Request for proposals for siting and drilling supervision of sixty (60) boreholes in the Northern, North East, Oti, Upper East/West, Oti and Savannah regions.

Published 12/08/2023 by Candida Ati-Tay

Global Communities, Ghana acting on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is financially supporting the “Siting and Drilling Supervision of Sixty (60) Boreholes in 10no. Districts”. Global Communities/USAID funds this procurement from its budgetary allocation towards the provision of WASH infrastructure in Ghana.

This RFP is open to all Firms/Consultants from Ghana as defined in 2 CFR 200.320 – The “Uniform Guidance”. Global Communities Ghana now invites sealed Proposals from eligible Firms/Consultants for the Siting and Drilling Supervision of boreholes in 10no. Districts.

Principal Information:

The assignment shall consist of siting and drilling supervision of Sixty (60) boreholes as indicated in the table below:


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
1Northern / GusheguYaboguHand PumpCommunity1
2JakpaHand PumpCommunity1
3LakpiriHand PumpCommunity1
4Gbani. No. 2Hand PumpCommunity1
5DeodiguHand PumpCommunity1
6Northern / KaragaYilangHand PumpCommunity1
7KambonsiyaHand PumpCommunity1
8TintarigaHand PumpCommunity1
9PukuraHand PumpCommunity1
10YagaHand PumpCommunity1


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
2NgonyiliHand PumpCommunity1
3KpamangHand PumpCommunity1
5Limpua-YapalaHand PumpCommunity1
7MionKpachibiliyiliHand PumpCommunity1
8KabadoHand PumpCommunity1
9TafaldoHand PumpCommunity1
Sub -Total10


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
1Upper West / Wa EastBalazuHand PumpCommunity1
2YaroHand PumpsCommunity2
3KabanyeHand PumpCommunity1
4ZinnyeHand PumpCommunity1
5Gonhin No 2Hand PumpCommunity1
6Savannah / BoleKpachiriyiriHand PumpCommunity1
7JinkaHand PumpCommunity1
8KaparayiriHand PumpCommunity1
9Gbogdaa-alkuyiriHand PumpCommunity1
10JankulakuraHand PumpCommunity1
Sub -Total11


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
1Oti / Nkwanta NorthKabre akura chatibHand PumpCommunity1
2Tindani AkuraHand PumpCommunity1
3MpoamondoHand PumpCommunity1
4homandikopeHand PumpCommunity1
5Ndanti AkuraHand PumpCommunity1
6Sauli no 2Hand PumpCommunity1
7UjagandoHand PumpCommunity1
8Kanjo kHand PumpCommunity1
Sub -Total8


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
1Upper West / Wa WestGurungu CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
2Tieyiri CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
3Da-Eyiri CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
4Tegme-Tuole CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
5Pigbengbeng CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
6Upper West / Wa EastBaayiri CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
7Biitege CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
8Buffiamah CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
9Change CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
10Funsi health centerMechaniseCHPS1
11Gudaayiri CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
12Holomuni Health CenterMechaniseCHPS1
13Kpalwogu CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
14Yaala No.2 CHPSMechaniseCHPS1
Sub -Total14


S/NRegion/District CommunityRecommended SystemsCommunity/CHPSNo of Boreholes
1Upper East / Bawku WestGore- Yapalla (Mohaguri)Hand PumpCommunity1
2Gozesi (Asindabore)MechaniseCommunity/CHPS1
3Gumbare No1Hand PumpCommunity1
4Kubuogo CHPSMechaniseCommunity/CHPS1
5Pugum-ZeegoHand PumpCommunity1
6Dagunga No1Hand PumpCommunity1
7Sitande (Ganderi)MechaniseCommunity1
Sub -Total7

The full Request for Proposal with all necessary requirements can be accessed and downloaded from:

Submission of a completed proposal and all supporting documents (hard and soft copies) closes at 1:00 pm on Thursday, January 4, 2024.  Address for submitting hard copy of the completed Proposal is: Global Communities, Ghana, #63 Tripoli Street, East Legon, Accra; Near MJ Grand Hotel. Soft copies of the completed

 proposals shall be on a pen drive and shall be placed in an envelope containing the hard copies (Technical & Financial)

All correspondence and enquiries about these Bidding Documents and related issues shall be in writing only to: [email protected]