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Transforming Lives in Mandari: Barikisu’s Water Story with USAID’s Enhancing WASH Activity

Published 03/01/2024 by Candida Ati-Tay


In the heart of the Bole District in Northern Ghana, lies the serene and welcoming Mandari Community, a place that has seen significant transformation thanks to the visionary efforts of USAID. This change has touched the life of Barikisu, a proud native of Mandari, in ways she never imagined. With the implementation of a mechanized water system, Barikisu’s community has witnessed an incredible improvement in access to clean water and sanitation, making daily life more manageable. Barikisu’s eyes sparkle with gratitude as she describes the transformative impact of the USAID water project on her life and the entire Mandari community: “Our lives have changed for the better. We no longer trek for hours in search of water. It’s right here, within our reach. This project is a blessing, a game-changer.”

Access to clean water was a longstanding issue in Mandari, and the burden often fell on the shoulders of women like Barikisu, who would spend countless hours each day fetching water from distant sources. This meant less time for her family, less time for personal growth, and less time for community development.

With the introduction of the mechanized water system, Barikisu’s daily routine has transformed. She now has more time to invest in her family and herself. She enthusiastically explains, “I can spend more time with my children, and they can attend school regularly. I’ve even started a small farm, growing vegetables to support my family. This water project has opened doors of opportunity for us.”

The solar-powered mechanized water system, implemented as part of the USAID-funded Enhancing WASH Activity by Global Communities, stands as a transformative infrastructure within the community. With an impressive storage capacity of 100,000 liters, this system serves as a reliable and sustainable water source for the entire community. The water is efficiently distributed through an extensive network of 8,540 meters of distribution lines, seamlessly connecting households, healthcare facilities, and schools.

Apart from the personal benefits, the clean water supply has had a profound impact on the overall well-being of Mandari. Barikisu observes with pride, “We are healthier now. Waterborne diseases have significantly reduced, and our children are thriving. We no longer live in fear of sickness caused by contaminated water.”

The mechanized water system hasn’t just eased the burden on Barikisu’s shoulders; but also contributes significantly to improving the overall well-being and hygiene practices within the community. Through innovative and eco-friendly solutions, the project exemplifies the positive impact that collaborative efforts and strategic interventions can have on enhancing water, sanitation, and hygiene standards in Northern Ghana.